I was born in Hungary and began my studies of dance whn I was in primary school at the Community Centre in the city of Estergom.

I was then a successful candidate to the Hungarian Dance University at the Folkdance-Theatre Faculty in 1999. After six years of dance studies, I obtained my degree in 2005 as well as the college Folkdance-Theatre diploma. I completed my practice learnt at college at the Seged Contemporary Ballet, where I did improve my modern style basics. I continued my studies at the Artez Dance of Academy from 2006-2008 in Netherlands.  

I have worked the with Hans Hoff ensemble, Kristina De Chatel Company, Suzy Blok, Gato Bizar, Wies Merkx, de Kiss moves, International Dance Theater, the Netherlands Opera and have created my own works. In 2013 I was a guest dancer with the Staatstheater Kassel in Geramny, and participated in the ImPulsTanz festival.

I follow several workshops, regularly taking Alexander classes and since two years I am taking Magpie Improvisation summer course.